About Us

The concept of equipment rental emerged in various industries when the cost of buying and maintaining industrial and commercial equipment started putting a huge burden on businesses. It is not only about a one-time investment that a business would do to work on its client projects. Equipment goes through wear and tear, as well as demands regular maintenance if it has to be used repeatedly for similar tasks. However, renting equipment can help almost any industry or business in saving huge costs of equipment ownership and quality management. It also saves business owners from investing in expensive products for simply a few projects and hire staff to operate and maintain their equipment.

What We Offer

Equipment Rentals India has been incorporated with the business objective of becoming one of the largest and best-run equipment rental companies. The company’s development is focused on rental plans, flexible schemes, and competitive pricing. Within a very short span of time, Equipment Rentals India has emerged as one of the largest pure plays, renting different types of equipment that consist of:

  • Construction equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Mining equipment

Our Business Focus

Our agenda is based on offering superior-quality equipment to different business sections. We all know that if clients are going to lease or rent equipment, then they want to make use of the best of products. Equipment Rentals India processes to give some of the finest equipment in the categories mentioned above, making sure that our customers are overwhelmed with their selection. In addition to starting with the highest quality equipment, our products are thoroughly maintained so they may continue to appear as new. We aim at keeping our equipment in operational state so clients can handle them easily and comfortably.

Apart from this, we target to provide benchmarked customer service, as well as reasonable rental rates to customers. Our flexible schemes will definitely be of interest to you. Our assistants are always there to help you in any way possible. Our support includes helping with the selection of best equipment for you and explaining the proper way to use such equipment. We have been targeting to serve firms in different verticals in order to enhance our growth as a rental equipment provider. Equipment Rentals India has built up a tough team and has got an enviable traction with different clientele. We are poised towards development and always seek to go forward.

Empowering Workforce

To deal with the increasing skills gap within the equipment rental industry in general and the growing scarcity of skilled operators for rental businesses in particular, Equipment Rentals India is taking a step ahead. We are working to give operational, and safety trainings, certifications, and accreditations to our operators. The company has a number of equipment banks with flexible schemes and rental plans all across India. Our head and staff members are dedicated towards their work, bringing the most out of business. Our customers are also satisfied with our up-to-date services and competitive pricing.

Benefits for Our Customers

By availing our equipment rental services, you may not only avoid the hassles and costs of new equipment, but may also gather the following additional benefits:

  • You will not need to store, repair, or manage any items. Thus, your overhead costs are reduced largely.
  • You will get a thorough understanding of the operating equipment you rent out.
  • You can be free of tensions, as you receive latest, functional, and high-performance equipment.
  • You do not face the problem of transporting your equipment and adding to your costs. Your rented equipment is transported to your job site.
  • You get full support till the time you keep our equipment in use at your site.
  • You also get the flexibility of rental period and the kind of work you do using our equipment.
  • Your projects do not run behind schedules, as you receive timely maintenance support.

To know more about our equipment and services, simply write to us at info@equipmentrentalsindia.com. You may also call us at +91-999 976 997.



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